Hardbrücke cameraday

Skateboard is the preferred mean of transport for our photographer, Clèment. Ueli liked it as well and we did capture a few well balanced moments with him on it. However the photo above was not one of them.
We like when the rest of the outfit matches the clean cut details of our shirts. Therefore we do like to tuck the shoe laces into the shoes, instead of tying floppy bow knots. In this case, fashion before function.
Although we do like keeping continuous movement in our shoots, there certainly are moments of stillness and contemplation.
As the sun was going down, we climbed up. The golden hour rewarded us with mind-blowing light and long shadows for the rooftop part of the shoot.
This improvised reflector constructed from an IKEA moving box, two strips of brown tape and a roll of aluminium foil certainly did the job. And so did Ueli.