Brand story

ØESTE is a Zürich based premium shirt company with Swedish roots. We are rattling the mens shirt market by being audacious to prevailing retail conventions and responsive to our environment. We are shirt makers, providing a conscious clientele access to fine, made to measure shirts and a visual narrative of free, unscripted individuality.

A few years ago, Rikard was living a hectic life. He had an ambitious job and with growing responsibilities the evenings got shorter. How free time was spent defined life quality.

Being tall shopping for clothes, and especially button-ups, was an enterprise certain to exhaust a day or two each year. So while strolling around his neighborhood one Sunday afternoon, he decided to create something new.After seven years of exploring all elements constituting made to measure shirts the result is ØESTE. An order process more accurate and more convenient than any other. A tailor in Turkey with strong artisanal traditions and the ability to produce our shirts with outmost accuracy, from start to finish.With all due admiration for tradition; ØESTE tells a new story about made to measure shirts. Free from the prevailing retail conventions and based on the unscripted individuality within our clients, we give them access to premium made to measure shirts with a sustainable future.