Brand story - Our quest for fine men's underwear

Men in black boxer briefs jumping from a trampoline into the lake of zurich.
Our quest will provide a conscious clientele access to fine, long lasting men's underwear in a visual narrative of free, unscripted individuality. We remain audacious to prevailing retail conventions and responsive to the environment.

Living in Zürich we are continuously inspired by our surroundings. Our name ØESTE reflects the confluence of our Scandinavian roots and our strong attraction to the Portuguese west coast. This is also where our products are crafted.

Collage of pictures of the Portuguese west coast.

The stage for ØESTE was set by the founder’s bilateral background instigating projects connected to made to measure shirts and nightlife.

Ever since, and for the years to come we are lead by our passion to create fine underwear with a sustainable future.

Man wearing white, sustainable boxer briefs holding a vinyl record.