Visit a service point

You already have a shirt that fits you well? Then you can repeat the style and fit from your favorite shirt at one of our service points. 

1. Choose fabrics for your new shirts at one of our service points 2. Leave your favorite shirt with us, we will measure it We will then tailor new shirts with the fit and style based from your favorite shirt
Your first made to measure shirt

Bring your favorite shirt to one of the service points listed below. Your favorite will be measured and the new shirts will be tailored according to the fit and style of this shirt. No need for appointments, come by when it works best for you.

At our service point you will select fabrics and buttons for your new shirt. You can also let us know if we need to make any alterations compared to your favorite shirt, e.g. add 2cm on the sleeves or make it a bit looser around the waist.

You can pick your favorite shirt up again after we have measured it 2 days later, or you can choose to pick it up together with your new shirts, 2-3 weeks later.

We are convinced that you will love your ØESTE shirts! Therefore we offer you a perfect fit guarantee and store your measurements, and are always ready to repeat your orders.

With love,
Your ØESTE team