The Polish pusher

Natalia is so far our most photographer and just to set the record straight, this woman pushes nothing but camera buttons as far as we know.

Ok, one could easily argue that she is pushing the envelope. Natalia started out in the Polish mountains where she moved from selling jelly in primary school to collecting berries on the Polish countryside. And not long after she found herself picking grapes in France for a living.

She worked as a barman in nightclubs and served as a housekeeper in the UK. Any hustler will be jelly of this cv so far, but it ain’t over.

She started sports school but soon found out she could save the sweat and make more money taking pictures of the athletes. Especially if she removed the lense cap.

Said and done, her photos where good enough to get her amongst the 10 students accepted to the National Film School.

After this, the route went over pushing buttons at a modeling agency in Barcelona, to establishing herself as a freelancing photographer in Portugal.

Obviously she already speaks Portuguese and next up is a diving course. Soon the pusher wants to continue her path under the surface. And we, we are impressed and lucky to have her in our team.

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