The bold voyager

We are a young and small underwear brand. We do not manage to blast out a flood of crazy amazing content. Nevertheless, we work on a small scale, with friends and personalities to show you who we are.

The name Fernando translates to "bold voyager" and that certainly is something that resonates with this story.

This particular Fernando is living on a sailboat in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, but pays occasional visits to Ericeira, Portugal. He is mixing surfing, freediving and photographing.

He replaced the diesel engine in his boat with a solar powered electric motor and needless to say he is a strong professor of ocean awareness. From time to time he also tries road bike oriented outfits.

Thankfully one of his voyages lead him to meet our friend Natalia, who then took the below picture of him during an ØESTE photoshoot.

Who knows where the wind will take him next. What we can say for sure, is that we are very excited to follow his journey!

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