Design and craft - This is how we make underwear


We have set out to perfect fine underwear in terms of quality, comfort and sustainability. We strive to be plastic free, mixing modern materials while minimizing stock and waste.

We are proud to distance ourselves from the fast fashion industry and we believe that less design is better design. We offer products you will want to keep.


When designing our underwear we keep focus on optimizing comfort and durability.

The double layered pouch provides an optimal shape, fit and comfort. We have further improved the optics by reducing the patterns in order to create minimalistic clean cut lines.

Our double layered seat is unconventional. This secures unparalleled long lasting durability, also supporting an active lifestyle with plenty of walking, running or biking.


The connection to our factory was made in the water while surfing in the northwest parts of Portugal.

Today the family owned production in Guimarães crafts each individual underwear with love, sincere attention to detail and enduring quality.

No pesticides, no toxic chemicals, less energy and very little water are required in production.


Lyocell is the provider of the silky softness of our underwear. It is also the most sustainable cellulose fabric available.

Lyocell is sourced from wood and is refined in a closed-loop system where 99% of the non-toxic solvent is recycled. It requires less water to produce than cotton, while providing a softer and more durable weave.

The result is a soft, breathing and naturally anti-bacterial fabric. The ultimate choice for underwear.

Picture of the Portuguese west coast.


To maximize longevity and to protect the fabric as well as the environment we recommend washing at 40 degrees and hang drying.

However washing at higher temperatures as well as tumble-drying is possible.