Design and craft

We have set out to perfect products in terms of quality and sustainability. We strive to be plastic free, mixing modern and classical materials and production techniques while minimizing stock and waste.

We are proud to distance ourselves from the fast fashion industry. We believe that less design is better design. We offer products you will want to keep for years to come. Our production in Turkey and Portugal craft each individual product with sincere attention to detail and enduring quality.

We use no synthetic labels and minimize the use of synthetic fibres mixed into our fabrics sourced from Söktas and Lenzing (Certified: GOTS, OEKO TEX STANDARD 100).

We work with natural material fabrics cotton, linen and lyocell and remain curious to other sustainable alternatives. We are true to our natural corozo and mother of pearl buttons. Corozo is often referred to as “vegetable ivory” since at a microscopic level, corozo is made up of tightly wound organic fibers. This gives them excellent durability and makes them resistant to dry-cleaning, high heat, impact and scratches.

We are addicted to the Gütermann 100% cotton threads. As you might have guessed they are German by nationality and incredibly robust by nature. Gütermann have made 100% cotton threads since 1891.