Brand story - Our quest for fine underwear

The inception

The idea for ØESTE was born in Zürich while slowly giving up on traditional big logo low performance underwear.

We wanted to create the most comfortable underwear possible while combining science with our passion for nature.

The connection

We found our direction while talking to friends working within scientific research around textiles. They pointed us towards lyocell (read more).

We soon ventured to Portugal and found a production team who share our appreciation for sustainable apparel. Thankfully they also thought lyocell was the best match for our line of underwear. And so it began.

Our purview

Our name ØESTE reflect our Nordic roots as well as our strong attraction to the Portuguese west coast. We are inspired by our surroundings in Zürich as well as by Scandinavian underwear culture.

Our quest

We provide a conscious clientele access to fine, long lasting men's underwear in a visual narrative of free, unscripted individuality. We are progressive and remain audacious to prevailing retail conventions and responsive to the environment.

Our intention

We hope ØESTE will inspire a smiling band of friends while bringing a new generation of underwear forward! Ever since, and for the years to come.