Studio Malmö - John and a suitcase full of shirts

Model and friend John
Yes, we used to do shirts. And once we went to Malmö with a suitcase full of them for our friend and model John. It turned out that he looked pretty good in shirts. Thankfully. 
Photographing John running
Once we had the pictures we needed from the studio, we headed out into the gazing sun. Billy, our photographer agreed to join and John agreed to run.
John running in front of a brick wall
We are discovering a tendency to favor behind the scenes pictures where a bunch of our shirts are accidentally captured. We also favor John's look when he runs.John climbing a latter
When we were done with running we tried climbing. All shots ended up looking like John was escaping, possibly as a reaction to the forced time inside the hot studio. Who knows.
John climbing a brick wall
As we were taking this picture, it felt like the segal was asking us to please stop. That we had tried enough, and that it was time to go to the beach. So we did.
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